Utopia (Mustard / Kale Hybrid Seed) (2kg per acre)

A Hybrid between Black Mustard (Abyssinian Mustard) and Wild Ethiopian Kale.


Why Buy this product?

  • An easy Kale
  • Ultra-fast establishment, like Mustard
  • See Carbon for a new version of this product (sister variety), with more resistance to flea beetle
  • Gives a super quick cover by November
  • Great rescue crop
  • Grows three times as fast as a Rape
  • Large leaves like Kale
  • High frost tolerance
  • Very strong stems-resistant to lodging
  • A Low seed rate like Kale
  • Ideal for late sowings in Mid June/July
  • Can also be used at flushing points on a drive, drilled at right angles to enable a more managed and controlled flush of birds


Growing Tips 

  • Needs to be sown no earlier than 3rd week of June and even later in the south of England (possibly 2nd week of July to avoid bolting)
  • Utopia has a hunger for Nitrogen and well developed crops require fertiliser that is definitely needed to achieve best results. 60 kilo per acre for best results also FYM were available.


2 kg per acre

Utopia (Mustard / Kale Hybrid Seed) (2kg per acre)

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