Terranova Radish Seed (Nematode Reducer)(10kg per acre)

Terranova is a green manure planted before the susceptible crop.  Purpose bred to naturally reduce nematode populations by up to 300%.  Nematodes are especially a problem in potatoes and carrots - Terranova reduces damaging nematode populations in potato, sugar beet and carrot crops and increases organic content in soils.  


Terranova has been bred especially for this use to reduce nematodes and is a high glucosinolate variety, required to produce high levels of isothiocyante for effective suppression of soil borne pests and diseases.

As an extra, Terranova is very deep rooted, helping to improve soils even below the plough limit, utilising nutrients that are very deep down, and helping to prevent deep pans.


Why Buy this product?

  • Reduces a broad range of nematodes (see below for full list)
  • The ultimate biofumigant for maximum nematode reduction compared with other varieties
  • Green manure
  • Super frost resistant (to minus 8 degrees)
  • Club root resistant
  • Late sown cover crop
  • Nitrogen catcher
  • Improves soil organic matter
  • Reduce soil erosion and weed growth
  • Is more effective than mustard and other bio-fumigants
  • Very late flowering
  • To get the best from this radish, chop the plant when it is 50% flowering into small pieces, in moist conditions
  • It is recommended to apply 50 units of nitrogen per ha


Terranova is resistant to:

  • Heterodera schachtii (BCN)  Nematode Resistant Level 1
  • Heterodera betea (BCN)                    
  • Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. fallax (RKN)
  • Meloidogyne incognita and javanica (RKN)
  • Para trichodorus allius (stubby root nematode)


Terranova is non-host to:

  • Globodera rostochiensis and G. Pallida (potato cyst nematode PCN)
  • Heterodera avenae (cereal cyst nematode)
  • Heterodera goettingiana (pea cyst nematode)
  • Meloidogyne naasi (cereal root knot nematode RKN)
  • Ditylenchus dipsaci (bulb nematode)
  • Ditylenchus destructor potato tuber nematode)
  • Tobacco rattle virus (TRV)


10 kg per acre

Terranova Radish Seed (Nematode Reducer) (10kg per acre)

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