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Soil Test / Soil Analysis


Why Buy this product?

  • By knowing your soils, it can improve results, help select the right plants, save time, money and many other advantages
  • The test is an accurate assessment of the correct levels of the most important nutrients required. Including pH, Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Boron, Zinc, Iron, Sodium, Soil Carbon etc


How does it work

  • After purchasing, we send a bag for the soil, a form and a prepaid pack to send back to get tested
  • Follow the tips below for best results
  • Fill in a short form 
  • Send back as soon as the soil has been collected (prepaid envelope)
  • Takes 7-14 working days after the lab recieves the sample/samples


Top tips

  • Treat each area seperately, with a different soil test for each area
  • Do not sample any soil within 3 - 5 days after being sprayed with pesticides or foliar nutrients
  • Measure in spring or autumn avoiding hot, cold, dry or wet conditions 
  • Measure atleast a month after any cultivations
  • Take a sample approx 30cm deep using a soil auger or spade
  • Walk a W shape across the area, taking samples at different points
  • Mix the samples toghether in a bucket, removing stones or lumps
  • Add approx 0.5kg to the plastic bag and label with date, area, use, etc
  • Immediately send the sample after getting the samples


Includes Carriage​​​​​​​

Soil Test / Soil Analysis