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Rootgrow Mychorrhizal Fungi + Gel for Trees, Hedging, Shrubs, Roses, Etc

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Why Buy this product?

  • Superior plant establishment with better natural vigour

  • Overcome re-plant problems more successfully, especially roses and bare rooted trees

  • Better developed root systems

  • Better able to cope with conditions of drought

  • A single application of rootgrow™ will support a plant for its entire lifetime.

  • Contains a gel product which enables you to dilute the Rootgrow in water (to make a wallpaper type consistency) so that you can dip bare roots to obtain maximum usage. 
  • RootGrow has a fairly long shelf life (up to a year) and can be used on almost all new planting.
  • All packs are re-sealable and the tub has a good strong lid which keeps the product dry.


Any planting situation will benefit from the application of Rootgrow. The list below highlights particular areas where treatment could be considered essential;

  • When planting onto extreme soil types from heavy clays or poor sandy soils and especially soils that might be low in organic matter.
  • When planting onto virgin or dormant soils, ex arable land, dormant soil, highly cultivated land. Under these situations soil nutrient cycle will not be active and the soil micro-organisms may have perished.
  • High profile areas where fast, uniform establishment is crucial to create the best impact.
  • On any site where aftercare might be difficult or non-existent, for example roadside, forestry or remote hedge planting.
  • For shelter belts, hedgerows and boundaries where fast establishment and very low mortality is a high priority.


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To work out how much you require click here

Rootgrow Mychorrhizal Fungi + Gel for Trees, Hedging, Shrubs, Roses, Etc

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