Pulsar Rape / Kale Hybrid Seed (3kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Pulsar is a Forage Rape/Kale hybrid, bred to produce a variety with more flexibility in it’s usage than either Forage Rape or Kale
  • Super fast growing like Forage Rape with a good winter hardiness of Kale (high yields of very nutritious forage)
  • Use as a summer crop for fattening & finishing or as an Autumn sown crop for winter feed
  • Developed in NZ, Pulsar does not need to reach optimum maturity before grazing unlike other forage rapes. Can be grazed after 10-14 weeks (rotational graze for best results & lightly graze the first time).
  • Adapted to a wide range of soil types and climatic conditions
  • In trials Pulsar has been preferentially grazed
  • Other varieties also available
  • Can comply with AB13 Brassica Fodder Crop - for more information please click here https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants/brassica-fodder-crop-ab13 


Sowing dates: April - July

3 kg per acre 

Pulsar Rape / Kale Hybrid Seed (3kg per acre)

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