EFA Greening Black Grass Terminator Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (SW6)

80.00% Black / Bristle Oats 
20.00% Yellow Mustard
100% (16kg's per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Nitrogen holder that is perfect for any area that has a problem with black grass
  • The allelopathic compounds released through the roots inhibit weed growth 
  • Prolific tillering gives good ground coverage that suppresses winter weeds and also provides residue during the next planted crop
  • Bristle Oats suppress some nematodes, especially root-knot nematodes. Their allelopathic compounds help to break disease cycles for other crops
  • Quick to establish and improves soil structure
  • Protects from soil erosion
  • SW6 https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants/winter-cover-crops-sw6 
  • Please note there will only be one payment if the area is used for both EFA & Countryside Stewardship


Price per 16kg acre pack

EFA Greening Black Grass Terminator Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (SW6)

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