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HOBBIT One of the highest yielding varieties on the NIAB Descriptive List 2016, massive yields, exceptional early vigour (29.6% DM)

SULANO -  A very high yielding variety with good standing power, good early vigour, good resistance to lodging and good stay-green factor (29.1% DM)

EURYTMI CS - Good disease resistance, high yielding, tall plant, early lodging resistance and good stay-green factor (32.1% DM)

ASTERI CS - Very good early vigour, stay-green factor and good standing power (28.3% DM)

BORGI CS - Similar to Asteri CS but is more adaptable to higher yielding soil types (27.9% DM)

TEKNI CS - Strong stemmed which gives a good resistance to lodging, good disease resistance and stay-green factor (31.3% DM)


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Why Buy this product?

  • Energy Maize produces very high energy yields at a low cost
  • Most popular energy crop
  • The importance of good maturity has been highlighted during the last few years and it's clear that large growers require a range of maturities to allow the spread of harvest dates required
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Unit Packs 


AD Plant - Energy Maize Seed (Unit Packs)