20kg - HM Superior Sward Grass Seed Mix

35% SERGEI Strong Creeping Red fescue

25% HUMBOLDT Chewings Fescue

20% DUMAS Hard Fescue

20% BEUDIN Slender Creeping Red Fescue



Why Buy this product?

  • This grass seed mixture gives a superior sward as the title suggests
  • It has a very high shoot density, which when cut gives an extremely fine finish
  • All the fescues used in the mixture are the finest grass's for the golf course 
  • Require very few nutrients
  • Drought tolerant mix
  • Shade tolerant mix

20 kg bags


Sowing rate: 35-70 grams per m2

Oversowing: 20-35 grams per m2

20kg - HM Superior Sward Grass Seed Mix

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