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Wildflower Seed Mixes without Grass (100%)

Wildflower Seed Mixtures without Grass (100% Wildflower Seeds)

Mixtures without grass for more colour throughout the flowering periods

Suggested sowing rate for 100% Wildflowers is 2 grams per m2

 (50g covers 25m2, 100g covers 50m2, 250g covers 125m2, 1kg covers 500m2, 5kg covers 2500m2)

Annual Mixtures: Cornfield, Jubilee, Annual Etna, Candy Floss, Dwarf Meadow, Kaleidoscope, Sherbert Fizz & Sunkissed Meadow

Annual & Perennial Mixtures: Premium, Eco, Colour Bright, Butterfly Paradise, Deep Purple, Strawberries & Cream & The Bees Knees 

Perennial Mixtures: Acid Soils, Calcareous Soils, Heavy Soils, Water Margins, Damp Loam, Hedgerow & Woodland & Heavy Shade