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Maize and Sorghum Seed

Maize and Sorghum Seed

See below our Allseasons Game Maize Seed

 Sorghum seed including; Dwarf Sorghum, Intermediate Sorghum & Giant Sorghum

Order your Gamecover seed online, or phone 01377 271 400 for orders and free expert advice.

Certified Seed Merchant Number: 1062

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All Seasons, Game Maize Seed Mix (Acre Pack)

Game maize provides excellent shooting cover, and is made up of different varieties providing an all season game cover solution. The maize seed is treated with mesurol to ensure a high germination rate and growth. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £44.00 excl tax

Penn 110, Dwarf Sorghum Seed (Acre Pack)

Penn 110, Dwarf Sorghum Seed. Short and sturdy. Large seed heads. Often sown with Maize Resistant to lodging. Dwarf Sorghum's grow between 1 - 1.25 m. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £43.00 excl tax

Susu / Piper, Intermediate Sorghum Seed (Acre Pack)

Intermediate Sorghum Seed. Excellent windbreak. Cover from overhead predators. Attractive seed heads. Intermediate Sorghums grow between 1.5 - 2 m. Acre Pack, Includes Carriage
From £48.00 excl tax

Rox Orange, Giant Sorghum Seed (Acre Pack)

Rox Orange, Giant Sorghum Seed. Excellent windbreak for vunerable crops. Cover from overhead predators. Deep rooting. Prone to lodging later in season. Acre Packs, Includes Carriage
From £48.00 excl tax