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EFA Greening Seed

EFA Greening

Catch / Cover Crop Seed

As part of the new Greening measures, farmers with more than 15 ha’s of Arable land are to put 5% of the land to ecological focus areas (EFA’s). There are different EFA’s including Catch / Cover Crops, nitrogen fixings crops, fallow land, buffer strips & hedges. All information / mixtures below are for Catch / Cover Crops, we can also supply Nitrogen Fixing Crops - for more info please call 01377 271400

Mixtures that say EFA comply with Catch / Cover Crops when sown within the guideline times. Straights that say EFA, comply when sown with another/others from the list (to count one cereal and one non-cereal must be used from the list. If other species are used that are not on the list, it then doesn't count). For 2015 the Catch Crops must be established by 31st of August & retained until 1st of October 2015. Cover Crops need to be established by 1st of October & Retained until 15th of January 2016.

Species allowed for EFA:

Cereal - Barley, Oats & Rye

Non-Cereal - Phacelia, Vetch, Mustard & Lucerne

Straights available (call 01377 271400 for more info and prices)

Certified Seed Merchant Number: 1062