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About Us


“Hurrell’s have always been known for our dedication to quality. We have expanded steadily over the past ten years, no more so than with the amenity sector of the business. All of our products are suitable for professional use of the upmost standard. All amenity and turfseed  mixtures that we supply are mixed here on site by our specialist team, under DEFRA rules and official regulations. We take pride in our quality, and we differ from many sundry merchants. Some of these probably never even see the product, and therefore in my books, cannot be classed as seedsmen.

The doubling of warehouse space in 2010 enabled a whole new sector dedicated to amenity ‘straights’ and mixtures. We can therefore offer a wide spectrum of cultivars from many breeders worldwide, all recommended by the ‘Sports Turf Research Institute’ or the ‘British Society of Plant Breeders Limited’.

We look in depth and develop our own opinion, through field researched facts and figures in cultivar traits which are not always independently tested. For example, the  ability to grow in cooler soils. Being independent, we have no axe to grind and genuinely try to maximise cultivars, therefore increasing amenity performance in all of our mixtures. We must look more in depth at cultivars and not just simply use any permutation of grasses which are of a certain mean score. That is only half the story. For example, for cricket use where good recovery and regrowth is required, varieties at the top of the current turfgrass list are, in our opinion, simply not most suitable varieties.

This year we have seen the introduction that could revolutionise football and rugby. In the renovation market there is now the first genuine amenity dwarf perennial that we have ever used to grow in considerably cooler soils from completely new genetics. We will continue to search for new concepts and new ideas to bring increased performance to British turf professionals.

We are passionate about our customers, our service and of course, our seeds.  We are a genuine 'hands on' seed supplier who carefully selects and mixes our own seeds on premises before being promptly delivered to our customers.  This sets us apart from 'middle-men' suppliers who never even see the seed they sell on.  Take a look around our premises below!"

Nick Gladstone,
Managing Director



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